Terms and Conditions

  • Validity: 1 month from the date of quotation.
  • Price: The price may change due to your actual sample and printing requirement. Sample and printing block charge will be quoted after received the printing logo.
  • Polybag thickness may have +/-0.004mm or +/-5% deviation ; size deviation: +/-3mm or +/-5%
  • Darkness/lightness of color deviation & printing position may have +/-7%
  • Order quantity & the actual delivery quantity may have +/-5% different. Extra quantity will be counted into customers invoice.
  • Customer must accept the deviation above.
  • Any quantity/quality issue should feedback within 7days after goods were delivered, late issue will be rejected and no goods return is accepted.
  • We will replace the defective goods, but not by others claims (discount/refund…etc).
  • Any production plate/mould/blocks will be kept in our factory for one year. If no repeat order, it will be destroyed without notice.
  • Customer request for late delivery without confirmation will be treated as breaking contract, we have the right to charge for any stock keeping.
  • During the contract period, responsible can be remitted if there is unexpected issue which caused breaking contract (i.e. natural disaster).
  • The goods is not specified for any countries, customer should check and be responsible for any laws/rules on each country.
  • If no special test report or quality standard is requested, product will follow Hang Tat’s standard. Special standard or requirements must be confirmed in advance.
  • Additional fee will be charged if customers request extra documents such as Form A or CO…etc.
  • If our company does not receive any information regarding the delivery and shipment within 2 months after the production of goods are finished, the order will be cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded. If customer requested to keep the finished goods in our factory, USD 50 per week per CBM. 1 CBM per month will be charged. i.e. 2.4CBM will be counted into 3 CBM.
  • Shipment for ex-China or ex-HK, quotation does not include neither any delivery cost to the port or to the airport , nor shipping document fees such as CFS & other related expenses.
  • Goods are shipped by sea will include one-time delivery only according to Hang Tat’s arrangement. If customer change the delivery format or shipment format, including appointing own forwarder, additional fees will be charged.
  • Once order placed means customer has accepted the above terms/rules, cases should go to legal district court if any argue.
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